For three business days, Energy Efficiency Expo 2020 will bring together companies, institutions, private and public agencies, which will be showing their state-of-the-art technological advances, in relation to the rational uses of energy and all issues regarding sustainable development in Argentina.

At the same time, and through program of specialized conferences, the professionals of different fields will discuss about renewable energy sources, alternative energy sources, applicable policies, and new techniques with the objective of optimizing the use of the energy in all areas.

Energy Efficiency Expo 2020 will bring companies, manufacturers, import companies, distributors, of technological solutions and services for energy source savings, quality and safety. In addition, public and private, municipal, provincial, and national agencies and institutions, as well as different educational institutions, like colleges, schools, universities, and research institutions, will promote and share the right tools that help to reduce energy consumption in their facilities.

Energy Efficiency Expo 2020 is visited by more than 4000 buyers with a high decision-taking level both in public and private sectors, as owners, directors, general managers, executives, national and foreign investors, area managers and head of departments.

Developers in the fields of Engineering, Operations, Finance and Management, among others, will participate. Process Engineering, maintenance, operations, purchases, environmental consulting, academy and research professionals, developers of housing and parks, officials of public works of environmental impact, municipalities, embassies, government agencies among others, will also be present.

The stands cost $xxx + VAT per m2 and is fully equipped, with all services included as described herein below.
You may consult for other participation, sponsoring, stay and tourism options.

  • A turnkey stand equipped with panels, carpet, lighting, and standard posters
  • 1 desk and 3 chairs.
  • An auditorium with special audiovisual equipment.
  • Meeting Room.
  • Inclusion in the official catalog.
  • Invitations and credentials.

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